Tuesday, July 6, 2021 COVID-19 Update

What's new

The Province of Alberta has lifted COVID restrictions, what does this mean for funerals? 

How many people can we have at funerals now? 

With restrictions being lifted in the Province of Alberta you can have as many people as our facilities can accommodate (we do need to confirm with individual Churches to ensure we are following their guidelines).  

Do we still have to maintain social distancing? 

No, this is no longer a restriction within the funeral home but for everyone’s safety we certainly want to respect each families’ comfort level as well as individual church policies. 

Do we still have to wear masks? 

The Province of Alberta as well as the City of Calgary have now lifted the mask mandate.  In our facilities masks are not required to be worn.  We do need to confirm with individual Churches and other facilities to ensure we are following their guidelines.   

Can we have receptions and if so, for how many? 

Yes, you are able to have receptions in all our facilities and there is no longer a restriction on the number of attendees (each church will have a different policy when it comes to receptions so we will need to follow and respect each church’s policy). 

Do we have to wear masks at receptions? 

While the indoor mask policy is in place within Calgary City limits, masks can be removed while you are eating.  We ask that when you are not eating and are visiting with family and friends that masks are worn.    

Can we have open food and beverages at receptions? 

Since the City of Calgary still has a mask mandate in place out of an abundance of safety, we will continue to provide individual box lunches for families.  We will have our hostesses serve food and beverages behind plexiglass to respect the comfort level of each person attending. 

Are we able to drink beverages and eat in the funeral home outside of the Hospitality Centre? 

As long as the City of Calgary has a mask mandate for everyone’s safety, we will not be serving beverages or food in common areas of the funeral home.