Wednesday, November 25, 2020 COVID-19 Update

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Premier Jason Kenney announced on Tuesday November 24 that funeral services are a critically important part of Albertan's mental wellbeing.

Funerals have always and will continue to be possible for multiple friends and family to attend. Through technology and creative approaches, we will provide families multiple options to include not only those locally that are unable to attend but also friends and family separated by distance to tune in from across the globe.

“A life lived, is a life to honour,” so, funerals can and will continue to proceed with more than 10 people, we need to restrict physical attendance to 10 people at one time and forego receptions at this time. We will work with families to ensure you have an opportunity to say, “good-bye.” This decrease from 50 attendees down to 10 is expected to be temporary for the next few weeks only.

Options like FM broadcasting is available for those wishing to have more than 10 people to be present but safely tune in outside. Online options like zoom, live broadcasting or online streaming allow services to be arranged with as few as just the presider or up to 10 family and friends present. We can arrange virtual services for families to watch in the comfort of their home.

Tents can also be set up outside at all eight McInnis & Holloway locations and / or cemeteries to provide shelter, seating and music for families preferring to host outdoor funerals and graveside services for up to 10 people.

To assist families in connecting and supporting each other our online streaming services remains available at no cost. We know that nobody replaces family and friends being present, but we have seen and experienced that bringing together a community of support is still possible in meaningful ways. The entire team at McInnis & Holloway is committed to continue to be available to help in any way that we can.

The safety of the families that we serve, our staff, and our community at large continue to be our highest priority. We empathize with our bereaved families at the impact that these restrictions have on their ability to mourn and grieve together, as well as to receive support and comfort of family and friends.

“Every Life Has A Story, That Needs To Be Told”