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Tuesday, March 17th Update

What's new

Alberta declared a state of emergency under the Public Health Act.

What does this mean?

  • March 17th announcement was the first announcement that specifically mentioned that funerals can proceed. Our Alberta Government has recognized how import funeral services are for the community, especially during these complicated times.
    • Many are experiencing a death in their family completely separate from COVID-19. Proceeding with an initial funeral service (even though limited in scope) provides the ability to surround the family with much needed support in the time of their loss. 

  • We have adjusted our seating to have social distancing between seats. Based on our large facilities we can safely accommodate 50 people at funeral services, visitations, celebrations of life, memorial services and cremation services at all eight McInnis & Holloway locations while still maintaining abundant social distancing.

  • We are here to serve families and our community. We are proceeding with small funerals under 50 and offering families the option of recording the funeral to privately share or post online for family and friends who cannot attend.

  • We are honoured to assist families that have more than 50 people attend by extending visiting hours at all services to ensure no more than 50 people are present at one time.

  • Alberta’s recent announcement restricts our ability to handle food due to cross contamination but we are still welcoming families to use our facilities as a place to gather and remember with up to 50 people at a time. We are discussing with families that funeral receptions will be postponed.

  • Funeral service is often accompanied with limousine service and with McInnis & Holloway’s family transportation accommodating 11 passengers we do not feel that social distancing can be achieved and therefore we are encouraging families to use their own vehicles with smaller capacities.

  • McInnis & Holloway’s Family Care representatives will continue to assist families by submitting time sensitive forms on their behalf and will be available by phone for any further follow up.

  • Families finding comfort in talking to one of McInnis & Holloway’s prearrangements specialists are welcome to continue to reach out any time as we are available to assist via telephone, email and internet.

  • McInnis & Holloway is welcoming families impacted by local cemeteries who have postponed the burial and placement of urns to contact us for safekeeping options of their loved one.