Green Burial & Cremation

Did You Know?

  • Products will biodegrade at varying times depending on the composition of the soil and ground in that given area. Dryer climates will take longer than a wet soil environment.
  • Products with no stain/finish will decompose faster than with a compound or stain finish.
  • When contemplating Green Burial products, it is important to also consider steps taken to transport and move product to different regions – thus reducing additional carbon footprint.

Hardwood Caskets

  • All our green wood burial products are made in Canada
  • Certified by the Green Burial Council of Canada
  • Poplar is the main wood species milled primarily due to it’s accessibility and proximity, thus minimizing the carbon footprint
  • Our products contain no chemical finish, and when necessary a vegetable-based finish is used. This shortens the time it takes for the unit to decompose.
  • Products are manufactured using wood hinges and wood finger joints to limit the amount of metal placed in the ground. They are 99% combustible
  • Products are manufactured in a 100% renewable energy facility
  • Interiors are made with 100% natural unbleached cotton

Seagrass Caskets

  • Hand crafted primarily from renewable materials like willow and seagrass rope
  • Certified by the Green Burial Council of Canada
  • Seagrass is not harvested from delicate marine environments, rather they are cultivated in rice paddy-like fields capable of yearly re-growth
  • Contains no metal
  • Biodegradable
  • Interiors are made with 100% natural unbleached cloth