Beverley Jean Garshman

November 3, 1929 – Alabama, United States

July 10, 2022 – Calgary, Alberta


Beverley Jean Garshman passed away early Sunday morning on July 10, 2022.  Beverley Jean Garshman was born Betty Jean Craft in the beginning of the Great Depression on November 3, 1929, in Alabama. Yes, she changed her name because she didn’t want to be another Betty Jean from the South. She was born into a large family who owned a farm. Our mother worked her tail off growing produce and cotton for the entire neighborhood. She worked from sunrise to sunset. This kept many families above water. There were over 400,000 farms that faced foreclosure during the 1930’s. Somehow, the Craft family persevered.


Beverley met Hymie Garshman, who was working for Royal American shows at a carnival. She didn’t intend to go as she had just broken up with a boyfriend, but her girlfriends convinced her otherwise. Hymie was running a joint, looked over at our mother and hollered “a loaf a bread, a pound of meat and all the mustard you can eat”. That’s what stole her heart and sealed her fate (ridiculous). She went over to him, and they never stopped creating together. She got the hell out of Alabama. They traveled with Royal America shows through the South, Mid-West, and Canada. Together they developed and worked many carnie games.  Beverley’s claim to fame was the Birthday Game. Along the way they founded Garshman Tour and Travel, and the Joy Toy Company. Joy Toy provided stuffed animals for all the carnie games at the Calgary Stampede (way too many Snoopy’s). Our mother was a devoted partner. She put up with a bunch of smelly men, smoking cigarettes, counting cash while chasing her three kids around. There was even a talking parrot, who couldn’t keep its mouth quiet and gave up all the goods. Beverley had to lay down the law plenty of times. The practical one, in a house full of chaos, ideas of plenty.


Beverley loved politics and watched CNN incessantly. She even gambled on presidential elections. She developed great compassion for those who needed it the most. Together, Beverley and Hymie provided to many local charities with whatever they needed.


Thank you mom for being the rock to your loving children. Thank you for always being there for your four grandchildren. Thank you for your endless love, as you have been without your partner for 33 years.


Arrangements in care of the CHEVRA KADISHA OF CALGARY, Telephone:  403-244-4717.