James Chaput

Obituary of James Edgar Chaput

Good morning. Jim here. Just wanted to bring you up to speed. I won’t be able to meet with you this week. I’m a little busy. All those plans we had, well, we’ll have to reschedule for a later date, no rush. I won’t bore you with details you probably already know. Anyone can know the simple stuff. What I wanted to know was the stuff you could find out if you dug a little deeper. And don’t forget to take a bit of time to talk about me among yourselves. They tell me I did things in a special way and I did them pretty good actually. I’ve had a bit of time to think of a few things these past few days and you know I haven’t caught up with my parents in quite some time and I have so many incredible journeys to tell them about…so many wonderful experiences and adventures…and so many messages from Donna. So, if you’re wondering, that’s where I’ll be. I always said, “Today’s going to be a great one…I don’t see my name in the obituaries.” And every day that I was able to spend with those I knew and loved was the icing on my cake. Speaking of the icing, my very best friend, Tina, and my very best buddies, Deano, Steffanie, Jan, Nicole, Scott, Mike, Joey, Dani, Cassidy and Zoë were thinking that if you wanted to come by for a visit on Sunday the 11th we’ll all be hanging out at McINNIS & HOLLOWAY’S Park Memorial Chapel (5008 Elbow Drive S.W.) from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Or, if you can’t make it, we’ll see you at Scarboro United Church (134 Scarboro Avenue S.W.) at 1:00 p.m. on May 12th. Don’t be late…I hate being late so I’ll probably get there before all of you. Oh, and please don’t send flowers…they’re quite a bit of work and you probably know I had enough trouble remembering to water the grass…Tina always had to remind me. You might consider a donation…there are two schools close to my heart…Calgary Academy and Renfrew Educational Services. They’re in the phone book. Oh yes, one more thing…Bev, Nelda and Marguerite – thank you for getting me to my next appointment. I arrived right on time and safely. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be just fine. The days might seem long but I’ll find some worthy causes to work on (I hear the Pearly Gates are a bit tarnished these days)…and I have my crossword puzzle book to keep me busy while I’m waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive. Sadly, there’s no internet up here and I won’t be in telephonic communication but thanks for the call. Jim. PS…I wanted to have door prizes for everyone in attendance on Monday…but Tina wouldn’t let me. In living memory of Jim Chaput, a tree will be planted at Fish Creek Provincial Park by McINNIS & HOLLOWAY FUNERAL HOMES Park Memorial Chapel, 5008 ELBOW DRIVE S.W. Telephone: (403) 243-8200.
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