Claire Morin

Obituary of Claire Delores Morin

September 4, 1938 – Timmins, Ontario

May 1, 2022 - Calgary, Alberta


Claire Morin of Calgary, AB, passed away on Sunday, May 1, 2022, at the age of 83 years.


Parents: Mother Jeanne Marie (nee Bastien) father:  Solomon Morin


Claire’s siblings:  Fern, Gerry, Claude, Luke, Roger, and Paulette; Claire was the third oldest


Claire’s children: Jaqueline, Paul, Sandy


Claire’s grandchildren: Konner, Brandon, Jason, Ale, Cass


Claire’s great-grandchildren:  Riley, Valerie


Claire shared a lot of her memories growing up and trail blazing with her five brothers.  I came in the picture much later! (Claire wouldn’t like to be reminded of that Ha Ha).


There are many stories to tell!  I heard these tall tails many times; I could almost imagine being there.  I wished I could have shared in the comradery and fun too!


OK only one story that really stands out for me.  Picture this, a city bus with Gerry, Claire, maybe Luke and Claude hanging on the back bumper of the city bus in winter (no use walking to school if you can get a free ride to school).  Gerry recounts Claire losing grip and saw Claire twirling down the road with her skirt flying up in the air like a top!! Yikes, she was one of the boys. 


After a while Claire was her own trail blazer.  She pursued her goal to have freedom and moved to Toronto, I think when she was 17 or 18, (about 1955).  Using her resourceful ways, she got a job at a dentist office.  I heard stories of how it wasn’t easy, but she had fun going out to lots of dances with girls she had met.  Dancing was a big social thing then.


Then my parents and half of my family move from Northern Ontario to Northern Sask. in 1963.  Uranium City, an isolated mining community.  Claire came with her daughter Jaqueline.   She worked in the restaurant business with my parents and later she married and raised her three children, Jacqueline, Paul, and Sandy. 


Claire was one of two people who had horses in U.C.  She loved ridding in the great wilderness and especially on the frozen lakes in the evening after a busy day with family.  She also cross-country skied.  In the summer months we had countless family and friend gatherings at the family cottage. Living the life in the “Great Outdoors”; it was great for many years. As time passed it became evident that she had outgrown it and needed to expand to other horizons. Bravely, Claire put her car on the barge and children flew to Edmonton to their new home in Spruce Grove AB.


 As always, she was quite decisive and when she decided on doing something she made it happen.  She was confident in her ability to achieve her goals. Claire got a job at a car dealership and supported her three children.  It was in the early 1980s that she moved to Calgary.  She worked in an office and then settled into a career in the commercial sign business.  There were very few women in this field of work.  She enjoyed the challenge and was successful at it.  Later she transferred to working independently as a consultant.  She had built up a lot of clients and contacts in Calgary and Edmonton.  She liked the flexibility and freedom.  She carried on with this for many years and only retired recently.


Claire had an athletic side. She had a love of horses and rode both English and Western style.  She also had a love of books on horses and medical issues.  Claire was adamant and dedicated to improving and maintain her health. She instilled in her children from a very young age the importance of reading and eating healthy.  Not many sweets around so they head to Grandma’s for that.  Living in U.C. made it easier in the early years because there wasn’t much media of any kind!

Another sport she loved and did for many years was downhill skiing as a Ski Friend at Lake Louise(guide). She talked about a fun group of people she enjoyed being with.  She even challenged herself to Heli skiing in the “Bugaboos”.  She wasn’t scared to try new things like Martial Arts and even sky diving!


Claire was instrumental in organizing a cross country ski trip for Calvin and I and herself to a back country lodge, Skoki Lodge at Lake Louise.  It was a challenge and beautiful mountain winter wonderland.  Thank you, Claire.   Claire, Claude, and I had some fun downhill ski trips together.  Fresh mountain air and laughter.  Claire loved the Rocky Mountains she could never get enough of the mountains!


Claire had a great appreciation and love for her family whether it was a weekly phone call or a daily phone call with daughter Jacqueline.  She always kept in touch.  My brothers would roll their eyes when Claire started talking about how they should take better care of themselves.  They knew she loved them regardless.  Doctor Claire loved reading books about healthy living, the brain especially.  Claire’s first focus was HEALTH!




Claire enjoyed life and lived her life to the fullest!


Claire had many relationships. She had a clear idea of what she wanted. She was either all in or out.

Then Rick and Claire met.  She told me countless times he is the best fit after all these years.  I’m happy they had time together and Rick has stood by her and that means a lot.  Thank you, Rick!


This is my witness to my sister’s life.  I loved her and always will no matter what!!


Love Polly; May 5, 2022


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In living memory of Claire Morin, a tree will be planted in the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area by McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes, Fish Creek, 14441 Bannister Road SE, Calgary, Ab t2x 3j3, Telephone: 403-256-9575.


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