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Janine Jeff and Ernie immensely appreciate everything that you have done this past year.  We know that Christmas will look a lot different for all of us but the one constant is the importance of a good meal. 


Our hope is that this meal provides you some much deserved nourishment and vitality. 


Christmas Food

Fresh Homemade Dishes

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Our Caterer is offering delivery on all orders to McInnis & Holloway and Heritage locations (within Calgary) 


We thank them (a local small family owned business) for continuing to support our community during these complicated times.




Comfort Food comes delivered to any McInnis & Holloway or Heritage location in reusable plastic trays and dishes (no need to return anything).



Please include the McInnis & Holloway or Heritage location to deliver your pre packaged food to.

We will do our best to deliver on your prefered date and if this is not possible we will call to advise in the event that this is not possible.


Delivery is available between December 15th and December 31 (prior to 5pm) with the exception of Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Please share any additional details about your order to help make you order exactly as you wish.

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