Family Care

McInnis & Holloway’s Family Care Program was started with the sole purpose of helping survivors resolve some of the practical matters that can be more difficult after the loss of a loved one.

Our Family Care Program Is Provided To Families Without Charge

The items listed below will give you an idea of the ways in which we are prepared to help. Our practice is to call and arrange for a time to meet at your home within a day or two after the funeral. And, because we know there will be many things on your mind, you need only plan on an hour or so.

We will provide assistance with:

Canada Pension Plan

Death notification and cancellation of benefits
Death and Survivors’ Benefit applications
Order T-4 slip for filing of estate tax return
Check for post-mortem benefit eligibility

Old Age Security

Death notification and cancellation of benefits
Apply for allowance for the Survivor
Guaranteed Income Supplement application
Order T-4 slip for filing of estate tax return

Alberta Seniors’ Benefit

Death notification to Alberta Health Care
Death notification to Alberta Blue Cross and/or Extended Health Benefits
Application for premium subsidy and transfer of medical coverage if requirePersonalized Casket

Superannuations (Federal/Provincial)

Death notification and cancellation of benefits
Assistance with applying for death benefits

Income Tax and G.S.T. Payments (CCRA)

Assistance with transfer/cancellation of GST payments
Provide T1/T3 forms & booklets to file Estate tax return.

Veterans Affairs Canada (DVA)

Death notification and cancellation of benefits
Assistance with applying for death benefits

Alberta Driver’s Licence

Notification of death and surrender of Licence

Housing and Rental Assistance

Application for rental assistance or property tax relief
Counsel on various Provincial and Federal programs
Information provided to transfer titles and registrations

Social Insurance Number

Death notification and surrender of S.I.N. card

Credit Cards

Assistance with death notification and cancellation/amendment on credit cards

Telephone Listing

Assistance with death notification for telephone company to make appropriate modifications


Assistance with death notification for utility companies to make appropriate modifications

We have put together a list of documents that may be required when you meet with our Family Care representative.List of Documents that may be required

  • Original Will
  • Funeral Director’s Statement of Death or original Death Certificate
  • Original Marriage Certificate (For CPP Survivor’s or Alberta Widow’s Pension)
  • Deceased’s Alberta Driver’s Licence
  • Previous bill/statement from Alberta Health Care (or Personal Health Care Numbers)
  • Deceased’s Alberta Blue Cross card (if applicable)
  • Deceased’s Alberta Aids to Daily Living card (if applicable)
  • Deceased’s Social Insurance card (or Old Age Security card if over age 65)
  • Previous year’s Income Tax returns for the deceased and surviving spouse
  • Information or paystub for all of deceased’s pensions (Alberta Widows’ Pension, Superannuation, Company, etc.)
  • Documents relating to foreign pensions of the deceased
  • If applying for Alberta Widows Pension – proof of legal residence in Canada must be verified by Canadian Birth Certificate, Citizenship card or IMM 1000

Other Information to have on Hand:

  • The current amounts of all Government Benefits and Pensions received.
  • New bank account information if change of accounts is necessary (for direct deposit accounts)
  • Credit card information if applicable
  • Account numbers for utility companies.

If you have a question you would like answered by one of our Family Care representative (at no obligation), click here to send us an e-mail.