An Obituary lets friends and family know about your loved one and it creates a historical document for your family

Please take your time to share personal details using our state of the art obituary writing assistant (see below link). Your personal obituary will be written as a draft that will need to be reviewed for accuracy. We trust that the below obituary writing assistant will be a welcome help in starting a very personalized thoughtful obituary for your loved one.

The more information you enter the more complete the obituary will be ....please feel free to leave any fields blank or press the space bar (or not applicable) in the field to remove the prompt and field from the initial draft completely.

After completing the steps, please click submit and wait as it will take just a minute to write your families obituary.  While the obituary is being written you will not see any visual cues that this is taking place so, please just click submit once and then wait the 30 seconds for the obituary 1st draft to be written. This first draft of the obituary will appear in the "Output content" section of your screen....please don't forget to scroll down and share the completed obituary with McInnis & Holloway. The initial draft will not be shared online or with newspapers prior to your approval.

Please paste the OBITUARY and click "continue" followed by "FINISH" to ensure it is shared to McInnis & Holloway as other wise this draft will not be saved anywhere.

Please review and edit the draft carefully before sharing it.
After clicking submit it will take just a minute to write your draft (see "output content" section)

Thank you for using our advanced obituary writing assistant. 

The first draft of the above obituary has not been submitted to McInnis & Holloway and the above copy is currently only available for your review.

McInnis & Holloway welcomes the opportunity to assist reviewing the above first draft by having you highlight the text and then copy the obituary and then paste into the below submission form.

McInnis & Holloway's Obituary Writing Assistant