Career Opportunities 

Our current career opportunities are here 

McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes is an independent, progressive funeral home with nine locations in Calgary and the surrounding area. We are the proud recipient of the 2017/18 Calgary Herald Reader’s Choice Award and 7-time consecutive winner of the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence. 

Our Employee Value Proposition 

At McInnis & Holloway we truly recognize that our employees Get what they Give, as they are the source of our distinctiveness.  

The Gives come in many ways of time, effort, experience & ideas.  

The Gets include tangible rewards, the experience of working in a company, the way its leadership helps employees and the substance of the work.  

How we are distinctive in providing our employees with value-based rewards?  

- We are proud to host amazing staff that provide inspirational support to one another through teamwork and empowerment of personal and professional development. 
- Our company’s reputation is built on solid values, open organizational culture, positive business results and caring contributions to our community. 
- Recognize jobs well done, by supporting opportunities for growth and advancement in a career that is impacting and meaningful. 
- Reward with competitive wages, benefits, perks as well as nonfinancial forms of appreciation. 

We are always looking for incredibly talented people, who can strengthen our team and are extraordinary at what they do. People with exceptional customer service who want a career in the funeral Profession to assist us with the families that we are honoured to serve. 

Customer Service Excellence 

With over 100 dedicated staff to work with and learn from, our goal is to set you up for success! McInnis & Holloway offers uniforms, dry-cleaning, great group health benefits, bonus incentive program, RSP plan matching, savings plan matching, and much more.  

We are looking to hire people that excel in customer service, so if you know someone who is world class at: 

- Attending to the smallest of details 

- Possessing the ability to make everyone around them feel comfortable 

- Always striving to go above and beyond