We are very excited to announce our newest location for our Memorial Forest and Tree Dedication.

We are proud to partner with the Anne & Sandy Cross Conservation Area.

A beautiful protected wildlife habitat and conservation area that is 4,800 acres of rolling foothills.

A beautiful protected wildlife habitat and conservation area that is 4,800 acres of rolling foothills.

Site of McInnis & Holloway Memorial Forest
Viewpoint at end of Township Road 220

Visiting the Memorial Forest

To ensure that our Memorial Forest enhances the conservation efforts of the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area we will be adopting the following changes:

  •  In order to preserve the protected habitat and prevent the harm that thousands of attendees can have on the area over two days, we will not be holding a Memorial Forest weekend event
  • Families will be able to visit on their own to spend more quiet reflective time at their convenience

Our first planting will be Spring of 2020 for families served starting Jan 1, 2020

Families are able to visit the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation area at any time

Our Memorial Forest is part of the conservation area with a viewpoint that families can use to reflect and remember and know that trees have been planted to enhance this beautiful protected area. 

In order to reduce the impact on the land, the new plantings and wildlife, the planting area is protected and free of walking trails

McInnis and Holloway's commitment is to:

  • Donate interpretive / information signage at the viewpoint in the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation area for families 
  • Donate benches and picnic tables to give families a comfortable setting to remember and reflect 
  • Post all the names for whom trees are planted for on our website
  • Provide families a card at the time of arrangements with information on our newest Memorial Forest
  • Contact families once the trees have been planted each year and when the names are posted on our website.

We have a five year agreement to plant trees

The trees that will be part of McInnis & Holloway's Memorial Forest will: 

  • All be native to the area
  • Be 2 - 3 year old spruce or pine
  • Be planted by the Alberta Junior Forest Warden Association 
  • Be planted within the predetermined planting area in the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area 

Who were Ann & Sandy Cross

  • Sandy Cross began purchasing land south of Calgary in 1945 for what would become Rothney Farm. 
  • As the son of one of the Calgary Stampede’s “Big Four,” A.E. Cross, Sandy was known around Calgary as coming from a long line of cattlemen.
  • Ann Abbott captured the heart of Sandy, a long-time bachelor, and in 1973 they were married. 
  • As they settled into life on Rothney Farm together, they watched the expanding City of Calgary approach, and new acreages divide the farmland around them.  
  • Concerned about what the future held for the land, they decided to act.
  • In 1987, Ann and Sandy donated nearly 2,000 acres of their land to the Province of Alberta.  At the time it was the largest private land donation in Canadian history. 
  • In 1996, Ann and Sandy Cross donated another 2,800 acres of land, for a total of 4,800 acres or 12 square kilometers.
  • Ann Cross passed away at the age of 92 on January 20, 2013; and Sandy Cross passed away at 89 years of age, on December 13, 2003. McInnis and Holloway was honoured to serve the family.