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McInnis & Holloway is proud to work with a local family run caterer to allow friends and relatives a convenient way to show support to the family.

Comfort Food


When someone we care about loses a loved one, your first instinct is to do something for them. For many people this is often expressed by giving food. The tradition of taking food to those who have lost someone is old and widespread; people instinctively know to take care of their neighbor, friend and loved one.

McInnis & Holloway's Comfort Food allows you to express your love and sympathy by giving a practical gift of food in times of need. Our menu can be customised to suit individual tastes and preferences with many different fresh homemade meals, trays, butcher packages and vegetarian options. 

These nourishing and generous home-style comfort food packs are available delivered to your door (or to those you are gifting it to), in three size options (small, medium & large).  These food packages are a perfect way to show your compassion when words alone may feel inadequate.


Comfort Food comes delivered to the door in reusable plastic trays and dishes (no need to return anything).

Free delivery is available across Calgary on orders over $100 and only $10 for orders less than $100.

Once you place an order, we will phone the recipient to confirm the delivery location and arrange an appropriate time convenient for them.


Comfort Food

Smaller servings 4-8 people or less people with lots of great options to freeze and  / or have a few days of left overs as required.

Medium servings 10-14 people or less with lots of great options to freeze and  / or have a few days of left overs as required.

Larger servings 18-20 people or less with lots of great options to freeze and  / or have a few days of left overs as required.


Our Caterer is offering delivery on all orders over $100 at no charge (within Calgary) and no delivery fee on orders over $175 within 40km of Calgary. 


Please contact us for deliver more than 40km ourside Calgary, AB.


We thank them (a local small family owned business) for continuing to support our community.


Orders under $100 (or under $150 outside Calgary) will still incure a $10.00 delivery charge


Please include the recipient's address if you know it.

If you are unsure of the address please feel free to leave the delivery fields blank.

We will contact the recipient on your behalf to confirm any dietary restrictions, preferred delivery address and the best day and time for delivery.

There will be NO Comfort Food Delivery from December 23 - 27, December 31, and January 1.

We will do our best to deliver on your preferred date and if this is not possible we will call the purchaser to advise in the event that this is not possible*.

*If we can answer any questions please contact us directly at 403-243-8200 and ask to speak with one of our helpful staff in our purchasing department 7 days a week 9:00am - 4:30pm

Food is made fresh to order so 48 hours for delivery is requested. 
*Allergy related custom orders require 72 hours’ notice.

Please share a personal message of comfort for us to attach to the comfort food care package that we will be delivering.

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