Advance Planning

Advance Planning – Deciding what matters most...

The subject of funerals is never easy to discuss. But talking about your funeral in advance can be the kindest thing you do for those you love most.

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McInnis & Holloway has compiled this list of frequently asked questions from many who, like you, have considered prearranging their own funeral service:

If I should die tomorrow...

We have also put together some thoughtful questions about decisions that need to be made when a death occurs.

If I should Die Tomorrow…Who would arrange my funeral?

  1. my spouse
  2. my son or daughter
  3. more than one of my children
  4. a good friend or neighbor
  5. one or both of my parents
  6. I’m not sure

If I should Die Tomorrow…Where would the money come from?

  1. my life insurance
  2. my savings
  3. my children’s savings
  4. my parent’s savings
  5. a bank loan taken out by my spouse
  6. I’m not sure

If I should Die Tomorrow…What would the funeral I want include?

  1. a copper, bronze, hardwood or steel casket
  2. cremation with a memorial service
  3. visitation for relatives and friends
  4. my favorite clergy person
  5. special music or poetry
  6. I’m not sure

If I should Die Tomorrow…What would I expect my funeral to cost?

  1. no idea
  2. under $1,500
  3. between $1,501 and $3,500
  4. between $3,501 and $5,000
  5. between $5,001 and $7,500
  6. over $7,500

If I should Die Tomorrow…What would I regret most regarding my final arrangements?

  1. the emotional burden it would place on my survivors.
  2. no one would know what I wanted for myself and my loved ones.
  3. the financial strain it would cause my survivors.
  4. the possibility of emotional overspending.
  5. the potential for disagreements and conflict among my survivors about what to do.
  6. that I had not taken care of it myself, ahead of time.

If the information you are looking for is not listed here, please contact one of our ADVANCE Planning Specialists listed below, or e-mail us and we’d be happy to share more information at no obligation.

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