Education Services for Groups

McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes have been serving families since 1903, and our staff are happy to share the knowledge they have gained during this time.

Now, in addition to booklet information, “Cultural Customs and Traditions in Times of Death and Bereavement”, we offer seminars and support programs for community groups, schools, churches, hospitals, palliative care organizations, civic groups and long-term care facilities.

Here are some of the seminar topics we cover through the Olive Branch program:

  • Is a funeral service necessary?
  • Customs and traditions in Times of Death and Bereavement.
  • The Role of the Funeral Home
  • Life After Loss; Bereavement Support Groups

E-mail us at to book a presentation, or call us at (403) 276-2296 and ask for our Olive Branch Department.