This page contains information on shipping cremated remains and human remains from Canada to France. These rules are set by the Consulate of France and we have provided their contact information below. The cost of a shipment from Canada to France is determined by the funeral home fees for handling the arrangements and the fees set by the French consulate. Please call or request a quote for exact pricing information.

Shipping of Cremated Remains To France

  • Letter of contents
  • Cremation certificate from Crematorium
  • Certified copy of Death Certificate (2)
  • Name address and phone of consignee and cemetery in France
  • Passport of deceased

Shipping of Human Remains To France

  • Containers required:
    • Hermetic inner metal sealer (either 1/2 glass or all metal top) inside a wooden casket or hermetically scaled Batesville type casket
    • Wooden casket or metal (if. metal casket is used. a hermetic sealer is required.)
    • Airpac is acceptable
  • Documentation required:
    • Travel itinerary from Funeral Home indicating flight #’s and times
    • Certified copies of Death Certificate {3}
    • Letter from Public Health Office indicating No Communicable disease’ and outlining packaging procedure/li>
    • Letter of Embalming from Funeral Home & Declaration of Contents
    • Burial Permit
    • Coroners’ out of Province Certificate
    • Name address and phone of consignee
    • Passport, if available
    • Proof of French Citizenship: Certificate of Birth or the “Family Booklet”
    • Fee for Consulate changes with currency rates fluctuation. Check prior to confirm charge. Approx. $40.00CDN
    • Family must fill out DEMANDE DE TRANSCRIPTION and family member who fills this out must provide a copy of their passport
    • Burial permission issued by the City Hall in France (family must contact City Hall so they can send it by fax)
    • Documents must be translated into French

Contact Consulate of France

  • Embassy:
    Ottawa: 42 Promenade Sussex, Ottawa, ON, K1M 2C9 Phone: 613-789-1795; Fax: 613-562-3735; Email:
  • Consulates:
    • Toronto; 2 Bloor St. E, Ste: 2200, Toronto, ONPhone: 416-647-1900 (appointment advised) -M-F (900am-1230pm) Fax; 416-847-1901
    • Moncton: 777 rue Main, Suite 600, Moncton, NS, ElC 1E9 Phone: (506) 857.4191 Fax: (506) 858.8169
    • Montreal: 1501 Mc Gill College, 10 eme etage, bureau 1000, Montreal, QC, H3A 3M8 Phone: (514) 878.4385 Fax: (514) 878.3981
    • Quebec: 25 rue Saint-Louis, Quebec City, QC, G1R 3Y8 Phone: (418) 694.2294 Fax: (4113) 694.1678
    • Vancouver: 1130 West Pender Street, Suite 1100, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4A4 Phone: (604) 681.4345 Fax: (604) 681.4287


  • Human remains: All documents to be delivered to Consulate, documents will be returned once paperwork has been completed. Consul does come to put seals on the container.
  • Cremated remains: Documentation to be forwarded to Consulate prior to shipment and they provide clearance letter. There is a fee from the Consulate.
  • The Consul will put a seal on the outside of the urn container. (Urn container should be banded with metal bands)
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