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McInnis & Holloway Support Services

For many families and loved ones, getting through a funeral or memorial service is just the beginning. Sometimes, the period following the service can be equally as painful because others are getting on with their lives. Often that leaves a person in grief wondering where to turn for support. McInnis & Holloway knows that grieving can take months – and even years – to work through. That’s why we’ve developed Olive Branch, a grief support and educational service for the community. Olive Branch Support Services includes:

For information on Olive Branch, call us at (403) 276-2296, or e-mail us at

Family Follow-up

The staff at McInnis & Holloway believes that caring for families goes beyond services provided at a time of need. Grieving is a process that takes time. There are tremendous resources available, and we are in a unique position to help link families with those resources. Every family served by McInnis & Holloway will be offered a home visit by our Family Support Provider. McInnis & Holloway families will be provided with a package specially tailored to the unique family loss, and will include information on grief and support services available. This is all available free of charge. Whether our families turn to us before the need arises to make advanced plannings, or after a service through Olive Branch, it’s just one of the many things we can do to help. For information on family follow-up, call us at (403) 276-2296 and ask for an Olive Branch Grief Consultant. Or, e-mail us at

Support and Referral Service

McInnis & Holloway Grief Consultants are available to families served by McInnis & Holloway on a limited basis for individual bereavement support and grief counseling. Referrals may be given to direct the grieving individual or family to one of many excellent grief support services in their area. For support and referral service, call us at (403) 276-2296 and ask for an Olive Branch Grief Consultant. Or, e-mail us at

Education Services For Groups

McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes have been serving families since 1903, and our staff are happy to share the knowledge they have gained during this time. Now, in addition to booklet information, “Cultural Customs and Traditions in Times of Death and Bereavement,” our Grief Consultants offer seminars and support programs for community groups, schools, churches, hospitals, palliative care organizations, civic groups, and long-term care facilities. Here are some of the seminar topics we cover through the Olive Branch program:

  • Is a funeral service necessary?
  • Customs and traditions surrounding a funeral service.
  • Life after loss – understand your grief
  • Grief and the holidays.
  • Children and adolescents’ grief.
  • Suicide bereavement.
  • Professional training about the grief process and helping those who grieve.
  • How to facilitate adult or children’s grief groups.
  • Care Giver’s Life Well Lived.
  • Life after Loss Bereavement Support Group.

E-mail us at to book a presentation, or call us at (403) 276-2296 and ask for an Olive Branch Grief Consultant.