This page contains information on shipping cremated remains and human remains from Canada to Norway. These rules are set by the Consulate of Norway and we have provided their contact information below. The cost of a shipment from Canada to Norway is determined by the funeral home fees for handling the arrangements and the fees set by the Norway consulate. Please call or request a quote for exact pricing information.

Shipping of Cremated Remains To Norway

  • Certificate of cremation from Crematorium
  • Declaration of Contents from Funeral Home
  • Certified copies of Death Certificates (1)

Shipping of Human Remains To Norway

Merchandise required:

  • Metal sealer must be soldered and siliconed shut.
  • Wooden or metal casket
  • Airpac shipping container

Documentation required:

  • Burial permit
  • Letter from Public Health Department stating ‘No Communicable Disease’ & outlining  packaging procedure
  • Certified copies of Death Certificate and Statement of Death (3)
  • Letter of Embalming from Funeral Home & Declaration of contents
  • Letter from Funeral Home indicating travel arrangements (Airline schedule and name address and phone of person and/or Funeral Home that will be receiving the remains)
  • Coroners’ out of Province Certificate
  • Name address and phone of consignee

Contact Consulate of Norway

Consulate of Norway:
2 Bloor St, Toronto, ON 
Phone: 416-920-5287

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