This page contains information on shipping cremated remains and human remains from Canada to Serbia. These rules are set by the Consulate of Serbia and we have provided their contact information below. The cost of a shipment from Canada to Serbia is determined by the funeral home fees for handling the arrangements and the fees set by the Serbia consulate. Please call or request a quote for exact pricing information.

Shipping of Cremated Remains To Serbia

  • Certificate of Cremation from the Crematorium
  • Declaration of Contents from the Funeral Name
  • Certified Copies of the Death Certificate (2)
  • Passport of deceased
  • Name, address and phone of consignee and Cemetery in Serbia
  • Coroner’s Shipment out of province certificate
  • Health Department Letter
  • Proof of cemetery property in Serbia

Shipping of Human Remains To Serbia

Containers required:

  • Hermetic inner metal sealer (either 1/2 glass or full metal top) inside a wooden casket or metal casket. (must use a sealer no matter which casket is chosen)

Documentation required:

  • Burial permit
  • Certified copies of Death Certificate {3}
  • Letter from Public Health Department stating ‘No Communicable Disease’ & outlining packaging procedure
  • Valid Serbian passport or Valid Canadian passport or proof of Serbian citizenship (If the passports have expired then we also need a recent ID picture from a driver’s licence or other form of identification so the consulate representative can ID the deceased when he comes to seal)
  • Flight itinerary indicating flight arrangements and who will receive the remains upon arrival {name address and phone #}
  • Name address and phone of consigneeLetter of Embalming from Funeral Home & Declaration of contents
  • Coroners’ out of Province Certificate
  • Application form that either the family or funeral home must fill out — we have blank ones in the consulate book
  • Permission letter from Cemetery in Serbia is required
  • Completion of Application form — Provided by the Consulate

Contact Consulate of Serbia

Consulate Of Serbia
40 Eglinton Ave. East Suite #701, Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-483-1080; Ext: 223
Fax: 416-483-1847
Contact: Mr. Dusan

Consulate of the embassy of Serbia in Ottawa
Canada Working hours Hours Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 17:00 hours.
The Consular Section is open to public: 9:00–13:00 hours
​21 Blackburn Avenue, OTTAWA Ontario K1N 8A2 CANADA
Phone: 1 613 233-6289, 233-6280
Fax: + 1613 / 233-78-50
Email: Website:

Consulate of Serbia in Vancouver
7411 Vantage Way Vancouver, BC V6J 4J5
Tel: 604-940-3535
Fax: 604-946-5418

Other Notes

Cremated remains:

  • There is a Consulate fee.
  • Documents are forwarded to Consulate prior to shipment and they provide clearance letter and seal urn. Cremated remains are to be placed in a metal or brass urn with a plaque with deceased person’s name.

Human remains:

  • Fee for Consulate changes with currency rates fluctuation – check prior to confirm charge.
  • All documents to he delivered to Consulate (need to send originals and 3 photocopies) Consulate will return the documents once paperwork has been completed. Consulate does come to put seals on the container. We must make arrangements to pick them up for the sealing of the container.

Additional Information:

  • The full name of the deceased in full and maiden name
  • Citizenship of the deceased, date and place of birth
  • The exact cause of death
  • Whether the deceased had been. interred, if so, permit for exhumation must be obtained
  • Place of interment of the deceased in Serbia
  • Name and relationship of the person accompanying the deceased’s body to Serbia
  • Name and relationship of the person who authorized the shipment.
Please enter the numbers and letters you see in the image. Note that the case of the letters entered matters.*: