Douglas Hibberd

Obituary of Douglas Bruce Hibberd

December 17, 1964 – Weston, Ontario

June 13, 2024 – Calgary, Alberta


It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Douglas Bruce Hibberd, age 59, on Thursday, June 13, 2024, at Rockyview General Hospital. Doug was born in Ontario in 1964 and leaves behind a legacy of love, dedication, and achievement.


Doug is survived by his loving wife Momo; his mother, Dianne in Toronto, ON; his daughter Marissa, in Toronto, ON; his son Trevor, in Toronto, ON; and his cherished granddaughter Jenna, in Toronto, ON.


He is also remembered by many friends and extended family members. Doug was predeceased by his father Frederick Hibberd, and his brother James Frederick Hibberd.


Douglas graduated from the Ballad and WHMIS Training with a degree in Shipping and Receiving Dangerous Goods in 2023. Throughout his career, Doug demonstrated an unwavering commitment to learning and personal development. His dedication and pursuit of knowledge and excellence were evident in everything he did, inspiring people around him.


One of his proudest achievements was opening his own restaurant, Sid’s Deli, in Toronto, ON. With a vision to create a welcoming space for all, Doug transformed Sid’s Deli into a beloved community hub where everyone felt at home. His dedication to quality and service was evident in every aspect of the deli, from the carefully curated menu to the warm, inviting atmosphere. Doug's passion for food and hospitality made Sid’s Deli a local favourite, attracting customers who appreciated not only the delicious meals but also the friendly, personal touch that Doug brought to each interaction. Sid’s Deli quickly became more than just a place to eat; it was a gathering spot where lasting memories were made and cherished.


Doug had a deep passion for gardening, devoting countless hours to nurturing his plants and relishing the beauty of nature. His green thumb was clearly evident in the lush, vibrant garden that surrounded his home. He meticulously planned every detail, from selecting the perfect plants to ensuring they thrived in their environment. Doug found immense joy in watching his garden flourish, seeing it as a living testament to his hard work and dedication. Whether it was planting new flowers, tending to his vegetable patch, or simply spending quiet moments appreciating the serenity of his green space, gardening was Doug's sanctuary. His garden was not just a hobby but a reflection of his love for life and nature, bringing beauty and tranquillity to all who visited.


Doug’s warmth, generosity, and unwavering love for his family will be deeply missed, but his spirit will live on in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to know him.




Doug was known for his culinary skills, particularly his famous pastrami recipe that delighted customers at Sid’s Deli. His pastrami, crafted with a secret blend of spices, is now yours. Slow-cooked to perfection, became a beloved favourite, adding to his legacy of creating memorable experiences. The recipe involved a meticulous process: which had developed more even after Sid's Deli; A flavorful pastrami that everyone cherished.




Brining Recipe


1 Whole Brisket - High Quality Beef

840 grams - Kosher Salt

54 grams - Pink Curing Salt

8 - Bay Leaves - Crushed

2 Tbsp - Coriander Seeds

2 Tbsp - Mustard Seeds

2 Tbsp Allspice Berries

6, 4 inch - Cinnamon Sticks

4 Tbsp - Whole Peppercorns

4 Tbsp - Whole Cloves

10 - Dried Arbol Chilis

2 Tbsp - Juniper Berries - Crushed

300 grams - Bark Brown sugar

6 - Garlic Cloves

10 Litres - Distilled Water


(note: trim the fat off the Brisket)


Bring to a boil for 30 min then cool off in the fridge, for quicker cooling, place bags of ice in it (note: make sure the bag is sterile). Do not let ice water mix with the brine. Once the brine is cold put brisket in and add more distilled water. If the brisket can't be weighted down, use a ceramic plate, as the brisket must be fully covered by the brine (note: make sure the ceramic plate is sterile). Seal tight with saran wrap.


Refrigerate for 5 to 10 days depending on the size of the Brisket. 7 days is the average, flip and/or rotate the brisket every 12-24 hours, reseal with new saran wrap, and refrigerate it.




Corn Beef


Pickling spice wrapped in cheesecloth. The amount varies by brisket size. Start with the size of:


2 golf ball-sized pieces of cheesecloth of the pickling spice

5 Garlic Cloves - up to - garlic bulb

2 - 3 Bay Leaves

1 Onion Peel cut both ends off


Boil on high until tender




Roast Beef Brisket


Preheat oven to 350˚F. Pour Lea & Perrins over brisket

Sprinkle White Garlic and Onion Powder

Sprinkle Montreal Steak Spice, Coriander, and Paprika

Add water to the bottom of the pan, cover the pan with foil

Cook for 3 hours




Pastrami Spice Rub




Paprika - for colour

Dill weed

Ground Mustard Seed

Celery Seed

Crushed Red Peppers


Mix all together - equal parts


Brisket from Brine dry it off

Pour vegetable oil over brisket

Rub spice over meat and cover all sides 100%

Rub with cracked black pepper


Cooking Pastrami Oven


Take cooked Corn Beef then follow the cooking pastrami recipe

Cook at 350˚F for 20 min in the oven, no cover, and baste every so often


Smoked Pastrami


Smoke with apple and cherry wood for 3 -12 hours

The longer the lower heat temp

Add a tray of water beside the brisket



If friends so desire, the family kindly requests that donations be made to Any Cancer Research in Doug’s honour. Condolences, memories, and photos may be shared with Doug’s family on Doug’s Facebook.


In living memory of Doug Hibberd, a tree will be planted in the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area by McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes, Calgary Crematorium, 3219 – 4th Street NW, Calgary, AB, T2M 3A6, Telephone: 403-299-0111.

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