Cochrane Funeral Home

McInnis & Holloway completed construction in February of 2006, Cochrane’s first full-service funeral home located in Cochrane, Alberta. Designed to meet the needs of all families and faiths, the Cochrane Funeral Home brings area residents all the services they need.

In the past, residents of Cochrane had the choice of limited services in Cochrane or dealing with funeral homes in Calgary to secure funeral services. Now, they have access to all the services they may need, including cremation, burial, and memorial services from a local funeral home, without ever leaving town.

McInnis & Holloway’s Cochrane Funeral Home features an open concept layout that gives us the flexibility to plan a service tailored to the needs of each family we serve. Our Chapel can accommodate 140 friends and relatives and our reception area is perfect for gatherings after the service.

369 Railway Street
Cochrane, Alberta
T4C 2E2

Phone: 403-932-4740
Fax: 403-932-2423

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