Margaret Borkristl

Obituary of Margaret Isobel Borkristl

July 27, 1936 – Calgary, Alberta

November 6, 2023 - Calgary, Alberta


Margaret Isobel Borkristl of Calgary, AB, passed away on Monday, November 6, 2023, at the age of 87 years.


Margaret Isobel Kennedy was born in Calgary, AB on July 27, 1936. Thomas Robert Borkristl was born April 28, 1935, in Calgary AB. Isobel and Thomas were married in 1957.


Isobel mainly grew up in Moose Jaw after the family moved back there. Isobel had many accolades, such as figure skating championships, bowling awards, aspired as a piano player and singing awards and later taught piano and was a figure skating teacher. Her father Robert owned a billiard and bowling parlor for many years and mom played snooker like a shark. She was also an avid golfer and had two ‘hole in ones’ which most golfers do not accomplish one in their whole lifetime.


Isobel loved dogs. Her white miniature poodle 'Pepper' was always with her. In August of 1952 she trained a Boston terrier and won a nonsporting terrier competition. Also, about her Golden retriever, when she was a child the retriever was hit by a pickup saving her. She always tried to kiss horses at my daughter's barn. Isobel liked to read Nora Robert's books and beat her stepdaughter Angie at rummy and other card games.


She will be most remembered for her generosity, friendship, and love for family, and as a faithful, devoted wife to top notch dad and husband Thomas Borkristl.


Although not traditional, Isobel requested that if Brad wrote the obituary do it like an artist would. I hope I have listed everyone today and pray that everyone is happy and healthy.


Isobel is survived by Thomas, her three children Michael, Deanne, and Brad, and all the Kennedy clans and Borkristl rebels. If anyone wants to start a family list here or on Facebook feel free so we can reconnect as a family.


We will be having just a dinner with Isobel’s children, and we are going to plan a family gathering for a celebration here as soon as we can. Love and hugs family. Condolences, memories, and photos may be shared and viewed with Isobel’s family here.
In living memory of Isobel Borkristl, a tree will be planted in the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area by McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes, Fish Creek, 14441 Bannister Road SE, Calgary, Ab t2x 3j3, Telephone: 403-256-9575.

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