Catherine (Cathy) Fortune
Catherine (Cathy) Fortune
Catherine (Cathy) Fortune
Catherine (Cathy) Fortune
Catherine (Cathy) Fortune
Catherine (Cathy) Fortune

Obituary of Catherine (Cathy) Anne Dolores Fortune

March 20, 1934 - Edmonton, Alberta

July 8, 2024 - Calgary, Alberta


Cathy Fortune passed away on Monday, July 8, 2024, at 2:00 a.m. MST. She passed peacefully; it was just her time, confident that she made the best of her 90 years.


As I write this, it's clear that I have a lot of great friends and family who knew and loved her. Indeed, my mom was proof that a person is a success who has lived well, loved much, and laughed often.


My mom's great trait was that she was always open and respectful, my friends most of all. She found the best in you. Founded a safe space and shared it. Be it the St. Greg's bush gang, high school and Calgary friends for life, SNFU family, life life, or Turpis, she treated all with respect and kindness. For those of you who didn't meet her, know that she had a place in her heart for you. That's who she was.


She loved to travel. She saw the world twice while working with Canadian Pacific Airlines (later Canadian Airlines). Once I came along, she took me everywhere. Growing up, we traveled across Canada, through the US, around Europe, and Australia, framing an education for me that can only come from discovery. She had a fantastic sense of humour, was generally the smartest person in the room, and suffered no fools. She made what should have seemed a struggle the richest life possible.


I would sit in awe watching my mom work through and solve the weekly Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle, in pen, cackling with glee as she figured the key to each week's solution. I imagine she is having words with the Times' famed crossword editor, Eugene Muleska, as you read this. Her love of music still resonates in me. The record player was always on growing up. There wasn't a show tune or musical she didn't love. My hope is she is listening to Ella, Frank, and Sarah singing with Tommy Banks on keys and Ron Ripka on bass, live somewhere cool.


Maybe she's doing the singing and dancing herself with her old song and dance troupe, Orion. I envision she is having a visit with her past loves and a grand catch-up with Walt. She loved Chi, so hopefully, he's tracked her down for a visit as well.


For my mom, family was most important. Her grandsons Callum and Owen were her greatest joy. Her place in the Thorgrimsson Family was her great treasure, and Kathy was her greatest hope for me. The love of the Bates Clan is being discovered. And my place in all this... is I'm the luckiest.


Great is a broad measure, and the effect one has during one's life can be hard to measure. Today, I can say, Cathy Fortune, you lived well, you were loved, and I owe you everything. We love you. I love you.


As obituaries go, the forums and process change. My mom wasn't interested in memorials but encouraged a couple of proper gatherings. I'll sort something, Calgary and Vancouver. Just need a minute to breathe. If you want to share a condolence gift, her wish would be to make a donation to your local SPCA. She loved animals and would be honoured if a donation was made in her name.  


To my friends who have a family member living with dementia, know that you have friends who understand it is hard and heartbreaking. It tears at you as much as your loved one. I have been lucky to have had close friends and family guide me through this journey. To each of them, I will be eternally grateful. If you are reading this and you share this journey, please know that I will always be available to you to chat.


I love you all. Hug those near and dear. Dave._


Private Gatherings will be held in Calgary and Vancouver. Condolences, memories, and photos may be shared and viewed with Cathy’s family here.


In living memory of Catherine “Cathy” Fortune, a tree will be planted in the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area by McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes, Chapel of the Bells, 2720 Centre Street North, Calgary, AB T2E 2V6, Telephone: 403-276-2296.

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